Brefni Shuttleworth

Are You An “Artist”?

An uncomfortable answer is – Does it matter?

Given life’s priorities through the ages, it seems that some how the attempt to represent and understand what can’t be represented or understood – ‘Don’t know what’s going on here. Don’t know what it is’ – persist.

The categorization of someone as an ‘artist’ and their work as ‘art’ can be determined by endless criteria – a process of determining a peoples choice, the verdict of a particular group of ‘experts’, the market price of a particular work, conformity to any number of ‘rules of art’ – answers that come from the security  of the collective.

A reliance on the answers of the collective no matter what the question are good enough for individuals that Eric Hoffer has described as ‘The True Believers’.

‘I don’t know’ is uncomfortable if not frightening. No mater how much we think we know and understand, I don’t know is the reality of who we are.

In the time we exist, between birth and death, ‘the two immensities’ as the Irish say, we live in the external world, but exist within ourselves – two dimensions that interface through our bodies.

 Our senses provide the information/experience of the world. Our inner selves take this information/experience and create an inner world and understanding of the outer that is unique to each of us.

Is the impossible attempt to represent this inner world in the external, art? I don’t know.