Brefni Shuttleworth

Iron Stone

A curious piece of stone. The original piece was quite large, more than I could handle when I got around to carving it (years after I had purchased the stone and the reality of the aging process). The solution was to split the stone in half.

As well size is important to me – work that can be accommodated in any environment, not just large institutional spaces.

The stone surprised me as I began carving (as it always does).  It had a thick shell of what was essentially rust that had to be removed (easily as it turned out) to find out what if any form there was to work with.

The rust had formed not just as a shell but had penetrated the stone in many places. Unlike the rust, the stone itself was fiercely hard with many inclusions of iron – a contrast that had me wondering if I was attempting the impossible, looking for something that I might not be able to find.

The final form was dictate by accepting the nature of the material and the potential of the form as it was  in the beginning – a process of collaboration.